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Garritan Personal Orchestra 4

Personal Orchestra 4 is state-of-the-art software that reproduces the sounds of the musical instruments in a symphony orchestra, right from your computer. This award-winning collection has set the standard for orchestral sample libraries.

Create lush symphonic music with this collection of software instruments. There are well over 200 software instruments - delicious strings, joyous brass, intimate woodwinds, powerful percussion, glorious concert organ, Steinway virtual concert piano, heavenly harps and more.

A Complete Orchestra at your Fingertips!

Includes all the major instruments of the orchestra - strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion and keyboards. An entire orchestra can be loaded on a single PC, Mac or laptop.

Highest Quality Orchestral Instruments at an Affordable Price

GPO4 has the highest quality collection of orchestral instruments at an affordable price. The instruments recorded were made by fine instrument makers such as Steinway®, Stradivari, Guarneri, Haynes and others.

ARIA Advanced Instrument Engine - No Sampler Required

GPO4 now includes the advanced new ARIA engine, our highly-optimized sample player featuring efficient performance, fast sample loading, and low CPU demand. The reliable ARIA engine is in use in Microsoft Songsmith, SONY Acid Pro, AKAI EWI USB and Finale 2009/10.

28 Ensemble Presets

In addition to GPO4's extensive collection of instruments (see instrument list on the left), this new version includes 28 pre-arranged Ensemble Presets for various types of orchestras, sections, ensembles, duos, trios, quartets and other instrument combinations.

Integrated Ambience & Stereo Stage

GPO4 now integrates the high quality Ambience reverb with the ARIA Player and has individual mixing sends for each instrument. Stereo Stage imparts spacious stereo imagery for the GPO4 instruments.

MIDI Playback and Recording Features

The Standalone ARIA Player allows you to load and playback MIDI files. You can also produce audio recordings of the MIDI file or record yourself playing live!

Ensemble Making - Creating Your Own 'Personal' Orchestra

GPO provides individual instruments from which you build your own ensembles and sections. Construct solos, duos, trios, quartets, chamber groups, ensembles, sections or a full symphony orchestra - the way you want..

Universal Format

Supports all popular formats, Mac and PC, as a standalone program or as a plug-in (VST, RTAS, and OSX Audio Units), works with supported notation programs and works in 64-bit operating systems (Windows only).

Suited for Everybody

Professional film composers can use this collection for quick orchestral sketches and capturing creative ideas. Hobbyists can use it for adding orchestrations to their tracks. Educators and students can use it for scoring projects or studying orchestration. Imagine orchestrating at the beach, or on a plane, or anywhere. Personal Orchestra is for every musician.