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EMES Black tv HR Active

The Black tv HR active is a very versatile Monitor! For more than 10 years, this model has been produced and is actually available in it’s 4th generation! It started it’s success with the introduction of Computer based digital Workstations. The demand was clear; Screen save design (Shielded Magnetic field), wide audio range and being able to supply an excellent Imaging at very close listening distances!

Due to the chosen coaxial principal (2 way driver were both coils are centred at all 3 dimensions) you get a physically ideal single point source Monitor. The stereo image is a very detailed “straight” line between the L/R Speakers, and is perfectly lined up in a Surround configuration! Another benefit of the single point source reproduction is, no matter how close or far you are the BLACKs don’t change it’s tonal characteristics!

These are some of the reasons why so many Pro’s choose this type Monitor! The Low end (42-1500Hz) is reproduced by a 17cm Polypropylene membrane driver with a strong magnesium basket. The highs are emanated by a 25mm textile dome Neodymium tweeter, which is positionened inside the Coil of the Woofer while the woofers membrane acts as a wave guide (horn)! Physically the BLACKs are still quite compact (210x380x250mm) and easy to transport (7,6 Kg) ! The cabinet is made from a specially coated 19mm MDF fabric, this material is very dense, stable and nearly non resona!

We take great care about details, details which have more than just a single purpose to fulfil, example: The silicon edges every EMES-Monitor has do protect the edge – which is obvious, but it also prevents the cabinet from slipping and it isolates the cabinet from the underground! This is one of the many design criteria’s EMES developed to reach a perfect audio performance!

The Bi-amped active electronic generate up to 2 x 100 Watt rms power to each driver . We at EMES always use identical amplifiers, to have the lowest time related distortion possible. Different designs or just different wattage cause these time related distortion. Another unique component is our own developed digital “quick delivery” power supply, which works 2000 times faster as a regular one does! This gives a lot have constant energy load to the Amplifier. So a double hit on Bass drum is still a double hit Bassdrum on the reproduction as well. It pushes all the way through!

To adjust the monitors to the room acoustics and your personal listening taste, we implemented dip-switches for input level, bass- and high frequency adjustments. All of them are fixed valued Dip-Switches! So every Monitor can be set identical within minimized tolerances important for Stereo, 5.1 and Advanced Surround™ Systems.

We ship all our monitors as matched pairs with less than ±0,5 dB difference!

Due to our MODUMO™ concept the performance of the BLACKs can be easily expanded!

We ship the Blacks as all other EMES monitors as matched pairs!