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Emes Blue HR

EMES’s most powerful 2-way system, the BLUE HR active is designed as a D'Appolito configuration.

Many Mastering & Recording studios have already chosen the BLUE HR to work with. With the BLUE HR you get a mix that is "compatible" in a wide range of reproduction situations.

D'Appilito’s idea has been modified due allow for the many different types of Studio environments. Instead of being verticallyl aligned the 2 woofers and the tweeter are triangular aligned, this alignment achieves a very condensed speaker arrangement, but keeps the benefit of the constant sound field of the D'Appolito configuration!

The Tweeter is used in the BLUE's is a little unusual, it can go as low as 1000 Hz, and is supported by our molded Horn element (part of the EMES “liquid baffle design”). This tweeter was chosen as it can assist in the reduction of Comb filter effects that can occur when the horizontal distance between the two woofers is close!

The Carbon woofers are also used in our VIOLETT HR actives and OWL-System. Using two identical woofers per box doubles the power handling, and also brings the lower System cut off frequency down to astonishing 35Hz (-3dB)! Also very unusual in a 2 way System is the amplifier section that contains 3 amplifiers. In the BLUE HR active every driver has it’s own amplifier, and again they are identical in terms of design and power rating (120W each). This gives the least distortion and the best damping control to the woofer’s coil movement!

When a powerful, precise and natural sonic image is needed, the BLUE HR active is the only choice. To adjust the monitors to the room acoustics and your personal listening taste, we implemented dip-switches for input level, bass- and high frequency adjustments. All of them are fixed valued Dip-Switches! So every Monitor can be set identical within minimized tolerances important for Stereo, 5.1 and Advanced Surround™ Systems.

We ship all our monitors as matched pairs with less than ±0,5 dB difference!

With our MODUMO™ concept: add an AMBER HR active sub unit and you can achieve a powerful 3-way main monitoring system suitable for any control room up to 40m2 (131 ft.)

We ship the BLUEs as all other EMES monitors as matched pairs!