Miditech i2-61 Black Edition

The i2-61 offers the user 61 dynamic keys at the best price!

Miditech Garagekey Groove

Keys, Fader, Drumpads, V-pots - all inclusive at the new Miditech Garagekey Groove! You will miss nothing! For the best groove the Miditech Garagekey Groove is shipped with a large software package (download versions) - Magix Samplitude Silver, Toontrack EZ Drummer Lite, Makemusic Finale Notepad, IK Multimedias Amplitube CS and Imagelines Poizone Synthesizer.

Miditech Midistart 49

The excellent PRO-KEYS keyboard of the MIDISTART-3 is also used in the new MIDISTART MUSIC! Class compliant for Windows XP, Vista and MAC OS X – this is real plug ‘n’ play!

Miditech Midistart  Music 25

The MIDISTART MUSIC 25 comes in a black aluminium case. It is fully USB powered and works class compliant under Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS X - this is real plug ‘n’ play! It combines great looks with extensive functionality at an attractive price!

Miditech Guitarface II

High-speed for guitarists! This small, black Aluminium USB audio-interface is a really cool tool for guitar and microphone recordings! In any case, with it´s fast ASIO driver the GUITARFACE II USB is fast enough for speed-metal!

Miditech Midiface II

Dual MIDI Interface with 2 x MIDI In and 2 x MIDI Out, works Class Compliant without driver with MAC OSX, Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8.

Miditech Pianobox II

With the Pianobox II every masterkeyboard changes to a complete synthesizer! Just connect your guitar to the instrument input and make your own session with the 100 drumpatterns inside the Pianobox II! Now much easier to use!

Miditech iPface

Guitar/Bass and Instrument to iPhone/iPad Interface

Miditech Audioface II

Fast, cheap and a hot tool for notebook-DAW´s. The AUDIOFACE II USB! Top audio quality for an attractive price and with its ASIO driver a wonderful partner for "on the road-sessions"! Forget your on-board-soundcard – play your VST intruments faster than ever and with great sound quality with AUDIOFACE II USB!