SansAmp Classic

In celebration of our 20th anniversary, we proudly present a special relic-style version, the SansAmp Classic 20. The exterior design is taken from an actual “vintage” SansAmp pedal used on a world tour by a renowned artist. The main heart of the circuitry and inner workings remain virtually unchanged.

Of the pedal formats, SansAmp Classic is the most sophisticated and a tweaker’s delight. Its unconventional design not only keeps the unit compact, it is key to the wide range of sounds you can achieve. There is a bank of eight Character switches to adjust tonality, harmonics and dynamics. A 3-position input switch gives you a choice of preamp styles: Lead (Marshall®-style), Normal (Mesa Boogie®-style), and Bass (Fender®-style) which is excellent for rhythm as well as bass guitar. Four knob controls shape pre-amp contours, power amp contours, volume and final tone.

The SansAmp Classic was designed to recreate the natural sound of tube amplifiers -- without effects, so you can have a solid foundation of tone upon which to build. It is specifically engineered with a flat output to provide maximum flexibility and control with external EQ. The SansAmp Classic offers countless (we know, we’ve tried) combinations and permutations for you to explore.