EMES Violett HR

The VIOLETT HR is our recently developed high-resolution monitor. With its amazing sonic capabilities and the compact size, the VIOLETT HR active is ideal for the recording and mastering industry as a personal reference monitor. The VIOLETT HR is also suitable for Surround or any other multichannel Set up incl. our ADVANCED SURROUND System!

All high-resolution models use the latest high tech materials available, like carbon or fibreglass! These Fabrics are used in the most critical part of a true sounding monitor system, the moving mechanism! The Carbon/Paper composite membrane of the 18cm Woofer is produced in a unique way, it's moulded and pressed into it's final shape - dried by air - this gives the material it's characteristic Style. The benefit is an extremely light, stable and non-resonant membrane with a nicely controlled dispersion pattern (see Waterfall).

Please note! The moving Part of a speaker translates the electrical signal into a mechanical movement which directly interacts with the Air in front of it! Alternately, you can call it EMtoA-Converter! So any error introduced at this stage means a great loss of information!

The 18cm Carbon driver and the state of the art 28mm neodymium super light silk dome tweeter combined with our new molded waveguide baffel technology allows us to divide the High and Low section at 1200 Hz. This is an important EMES design feature! Why this low?! Typically any Konus driver starts to be very uncontrolled between 1000 to 3000 Hz - depending on its diameter and design, so to compensate for this physical characteristic, we have chosen a tweeter that can go down to 1200 Hz.

These unique features and the wave guide design put the VIOLETT HR active, the OWL-System and BLUE HR active into the top Level of today's monitoring technology!

Only selected, high quality components are used to build our HR monitor's! All controls, x-over, amplifiers (2x 120W) and the new "quick delivery" power supply are assembled on a service friendly and intelligent pc-board. To adjust our monitors to your personal taste and room acoustics, we have implemented controls for the low frequency (± 6dB) and for the high frequency (± 4dB) section, as well as controls for input sensitivity (balanced, unbalanced ± 15dB).

All EMES monitors use a PTZ-protection circuit to guard the hf-drivers from over heating at high listening levels. All of them are fixed valued Dip-Switches! So every Monitor can be set identical within minimized tolerances important for Stereo-, 5.1 and Advanced Surround™ Systems.

We ship all our monitors as matched pairs with less than ±0,5 dB difference!

Due to our MODUMO™ concept the performance of the VIOLETTs can be easily expanded!

We ship the VIOLETTs as all other EMES monitors as matched pairs!