EMES Pink tv monitors

Anywhere where small, true sounding monitors are needed the PINK tv actives are just perfect.

Specified for the audio/video industry, the PINK tv active meets all the demands for project studios, surround sound and high quality multimedia applications, as well. It's compact 2 way package (170x290x200mm), combined with the shielded magnetic field and the excellent stereo imaging, makes them very handsam to any set up required, even at very close listening distances.

As always at EMES, matched high quality drivers are chosen, because to us they are the most critical part in a high quality Studio Monitor System!

The Low range (68 - 1700Hz) is reproduced by a 14cm Fiberglass Membrane HDS-driver. This extrem low compression driver is contructed in a way so the air, normally sealed in the Air gap of the magnet system, now can circulated. Finally the Air flow is nearly non resistant to the coils movement, which results in very accuarate membrane excursion. The Impuls response and Low End precision is realy remarkable for a Monitor this size.

The high frequency section is molded into the baffel as a radial horn, coupled with a 25mm textile neodymium tweeter! The radial horn element is constructed in a way which minimizes distortion (see TDH diagram), allows us to use it down to 1700 Hz, mechanicaly align the Woofer and Tweeters Coil position and delivers a very homogenius dispersion pattern, so the higher frequencies are nicely distributed into the room!

The active version has two identical build in 80W rms amplifiers which deliver a powerfull and optimized output. We at EMES always use identical amplifiers, to have the lowest time related distortion possible.

Different designs or just different wattage cause these time related distortion. This is not what we are aiming for. This is one of the many design criterias to the EMES audio performance. To adjust the monitors to your personal listening taste and room acoustics, we implemented dip-switches for input level, bass- and high frequency adjustments. All of them have Dip-Switches to allow precise and identical settings for all related monitors within the playback system (Stereo/5.1/Advanced Surroundâ„¢).

We ship all our monitors as matched pairs within a tolerance less than ±0,5 dB!